Best private tours in Milano and surroundings.
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Beauties you cannot missBeauties you cannot miss

Icons of the city, monuments well worth alone the trip to Milan, masterpieces famous all over the world. Each of the beauties in this list is a milestone in art history. Discover these attractions and ask us to create a guided tour around them, just fill up the contacts form with your requests.

Today's suggestion: Castello Sforzesco

Today's suggestion: Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

Today's suggestion: Pinacoteca di Brera

Today's suggestion: Museo del Novecento

Today's suggestion: Duomo and Museo del Duomo

Today's suggestion: Teatro alla Scala

Today's suggestion: Pinacoteca Ambrosiana

Hidden TreasuresHidden Treasures

Works of art and monuments out of the classic routes of tourism despite being really famous among experts for their importance and beauty. Milan is a city able to provide to the curious tourist an offer of art and history comparable with the most beautiful cities in the world. Let our tour guides discover what suits you the most, book them filling up our contacts form.

Today's suggestion: San Lorenzo Maggiore

Today's suggestion: Museo Civico Archeologico

Today's suggestion: Villa Reale and PAC

Today's suggestion: Museo Poldi Pezzoli

Today's suggestion: Basilica di Sant'Ambrogio

Today's suggestion: Santa Maria presso San Satiro

Milano, a city of art and historyMilano, a city of art and history

Since its origins Milan has been a crossroad of history, each of the protagonists of world's history left his mark in our city. As a consequence of its rich history our town owns an enormous artistic and historical heritage. Our tour guides will unveil you the history of Milan. Get in touch with the contacts form.

Today's suggestion: Santa Maria della Passione

Today's suggestion: Museo del Risorgimento

Today's suggestion: Arco della Pace

Today's suggestion: San Simpliciano Basilica

Today's suggestion: San Giovanni in Conca

Today's suggestion: La Ca' Granda

Today's suggestion: San Bernardino alle Ossa

Today's suggestion: Casa-Museo Boschi Di Stefano

Today's suggestion: Canals of Milan

Milano and surroundingsMilano and surroundings

MilanoArte is not just Milan. Our region is full of history and charming places. From the lakes in the middle of the Alps to millennia old cities, Lombardy and the regions nearby will surprise you. Choose between our proposals and MilanoArte's guides will be able to unveil the secrets of these places.


Entrance the to the Last Supper museum. Our meeting point.
St.Andrew by Leonardo da Vinci. Last Supper, Milano. Cenacolo Vinciano.
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