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San Lorenzo Maggiore


    San Lorenzo Maggiore

    Visit one of the most important churches in the world of history of art. The grandeur of its structures illustrate the greatness of the Roman Empire's architects.

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    Opening Hours Dalle 7:30 alle 12:30 Dalle 14:30 alle 18:45 Orario continuato la domenica.

    San Lorenzo Maggiore is an unique building: one of the oldest churches in the world still in function. During the 5th century A.D. this location outside the city’s walls was chosen to build one of the most important churches in town and one Imperial Mausoleum. The building itself has the peculiar shape of the Imperial churches, being ahead of Agha Sophia in Istanbul, Saint Vitale in Ravenna and the Charles the Great’s Chapel in Aachen. During Medieval and Renaissance times it was restored many times but its ancient Roman structures were preserved as holy relics.


    The inside of San Lorenzo Maggiore is really magnificent, under the impressive dome built after 1573 by Martino Bassi. It’s also really interesting the recently restored ancient organ built by the famous organ maker Pietro Bernasconi.

    Maybe the most interesting place is the so called Saint Aquilino’s chapel. Actually it is an Imperial mausoleum built in the 5th century A.D. We can actually admire the imposing walls and fragments of the mosaics that originally covered the entire walls and vaults. Behind the altar there is an hidden stair leading to the underground hall where you can admire the foundations of the chapel. You will discover that the entire San Lorenzo is built upon the stones of the Roman amphitheatre.


    Just in front of the church you can find the famous “columns of Saint Lorenz”, centre of the city’s nightlife and the Parco delle Basiliche, green area around the San Lorenzo church and the nearby Sant’Eustorgio basilica. Visit this area of the city rich with ancient relics during our Medieval city tour.


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