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Santa Maria presso San Satiro


    Santa Maria presso San Satiro

    MilanoArte is delighted to introduce you one of the most beautiful churches in Milan. A masterpiece of Renaissance art its origin dates back to the Carolingian times.

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    Opening Hours Dal martedì al sabato: dalle 9:30 alle 17:30 domenica: dalle 14:00 alle 17:30

    A few steps from the Duomo, hidden from the crowds of the shopping district, is hidden the splendid temple of Santa Maria presso San Satiro, one of the greatest masterpieces of Italian Renaissance. The oldest church was built during the time of Charles the Great and its original structure is perfectly preserved within the Renaissance casing. Inside the Carolingian structure are encased original Roman parts.


    Thanks to the contribute of the Touring Club Italiano volunteers it is now possible to have easy access to the temple build during 1400s by Bramante. This is the first great masterpiece in Milan by the genius from Urbino, forerunner of the more imposing Santa Maria delle Grazie. The sacristy is also in the elegant and revolutionary style of Bramante. You can appreciate the refined stuccoes and the openings in the wall of the dome.

    Bramante resolved with a clever use of perspective the lack of space behind the church that made impossible to build a proper apse. The entire lenght of the presbitery is compressed in only 97 centimetres (about 3 foot). This optical effect made the temple one of the most famous buildings in the entire world.


    MilanoArte is happy to offer you the possibility to visit Santa Maria presso San Satiro with our professional guides. Let us show you the wonders of this church.


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