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Arco della Pace


    Arco della Pace

    The arch of triumph ordered by Napoleon to the neoclassic architect Luigi Cagnola. One of the most interesting works in neoclassic style in Milan next to the Simplion Park.

    • Gate of Arena, Milano
    • Arco della Pace, dettaglio, Milano
    • Arco della Pace
    • Arco della Pace
    • Arco della Pace, Milano
    • Arch of Peace
    • Arco della Pace, Sempione

    If you love history and Neoclassicism you cannot miss the Arco della Pace in Milan. This elegant monument is the masterpiece of the architect Luigi Cagnola. The Arch was planned in order to celebrate the victories of Napoleon in Italy. It was started in 1807 and completed only under the Austrian regime in 1838 and still dominates the landscape near the Sforza Castle and the Simplion Park, in downtown Milano.


    The architect kept the Arch of Septimius Severus in the Roman Forum as a reference, using marble from the Alps as construction material. Over the attic is located the imposing bronze chariot of victory by Abbondio Sangiorgio and the four goddesses of victory riding horses by Giovanni Putti.

    The Arch was planned as the terminal of the long boulevard built upon orders by Napoleon to connect Milan to the Napoleonic Empire capital of Paris. This was actually one of the most impressive and innovative enterprises for the time: the Simplion Road.


    Nearby to the Arco della Pace we can find another important relic of Milan at the time of Napoleon: the Arena. This oval shaped building was built in 1806 by Luigi Canonica to host shows, parades and ceremonies of the Repubblica Cisalpina first then the Regno Italico and was able to contain up to 3000 people.


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