Milano food tours


    Milano food tours

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    We want to show you a great news for 2017: Milano food tours. Very few people know that, despite not being as famous as Florence, Naples and Rome as food city, Milano has a great and ancient food tradition.

    Some Milanese foods are now iconic like the yellow saffron risotto and all its variants (try the sausage and Bonarda wine variant, or the asparagus…), the cotoletta (veal steak) and the ossobuco. Not to mention seasonal cakes like Christmas panettone and pan dei morti. Milano is also seat to some of the greatest Italian chefs like Marchesi or Cracco.


    We undertook the task to find for you not only the glamorous places run by Michelin awarded chefs but also the off the beaten path cozy locations, the few remaining traditional trattorias and historical places like Pasticceria Giovanni Galli and Pecks that please the Milanese appetite since centuries ago.

    Let us know your preferences and we can suggest you the best locations during your staying in Milano. We can even build food tours for you touching the iconic places in town. We have a bag full of anecdotes and stories to tell you!


    Among our partners there are the best catering services in town. We can organize a great food event for your guests or corporate.

    Are you more a drinking appassionato? Well we can show bars and cafè that made history. Places like the century old Camparino or the bar where Negroni Sbagliato was invented (and still served in the only proper manner).


    Do you prefer wine? We have splendid wine tours outside Milano. Explore the Langhe for the great reds like Barolo and Nebbiolo, Franciacorta for its sparkling white spumante and Oltrepò Pavese.


    Discover Milano as food city with us. You’lle be surprised! Info and contacts:

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